Angela Fox Education/Marketing Director – BIO

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Angela Fox is the Director of the Organization. In 2010 she opened a brick and mortar eco-friendly retail store that offered many of the services that Green offers today. It was a place the community to go to recycle hard to recycle materials, ask question from an unbiased source and connect with like minded peers. The store closed in 2012 and since then Angela has continued to consult with the community and local businesses mainly in waste positive initiatives and plant based local food options. Ken and Dan were instrumental in helping her develop the services she offered to the community. She is very excited to be working so closely with the two of them again.

Ken Freestone Co-Founder – BIO

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My most current project is with the Institute of Water Research at Michigan State University. We are creating a network of best practices related to water conservation, preservation and protection for the entire Great Lakes Basin

Currently I serve on the leadership team for West Michigan Creation Care, a Lakeshore inter-denominational group that is addressing environmental stewardship for citizens, congregations and worship centers along the lakeshore. In my community I have served as a Holland City Council Member, Project Manager for the W.M. Strategic Alliance/Green Infrastructure Initiative, Executive Director of the Macatawa Greenway Partnership, and Board Member for the Holland Chamber of Commerce and owned several small businesses in West Michigan in partnership with my wife.

I enjoy kayaking, cross country and downhill skiing, bicycling, gardening and composting (I am also a certified Master Composter) visiting art galleries and art studios, listening to music and reading.


Personal Mission Statement:
Encourage and empower people to be creative and to be Stewards of our natural resources. I make an active contribution every day towards improving our world.


Dan Broersma – BIO

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Dan Broersma is a sustainable professional working for Herman Millers environmental  team for the past 16 years. Dan is also the founder of the non-profit which helps the community become more sustainable through tangible projects and knowledge sharing.   He has many successful projects within  Herman Miller. At Herman Miller leads the efforts in end of life product recycling creating a way to recycle all office furniture for no more than the cost of landfill and has a social story for their customers. He is also the Lead for Herman Millers Supplier sustainability program which helps their suppliers become more sustainable  through projects, web data collection and knowledge sharing.


Dan has helped the community through many projects including a wetland restoration project at Ridge Point Church in Holland. This project turned a 165 acre piece of property from farmland back into wetland and  created a 1.5 mile long trail which the local schools (Hope College, Holland and Zeeland High School) use for their home cross country course. He has helped local schools , organizations, and businesses become more sustainable by helping them set up processes and materials for better recycling and sustainable practices by adding NO addition costs. Currently he is working on web site creating a place for environmental solutions and resources at no cost for our community’s.

Dan Broersma lives in Holland Michigan and is passionate about his faith, community, and sustainability.


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Madalen Jade Wallaker – Intern Summer 2017

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Maddie was born and raised in Holland, Michigan, and will be starting her Junior year at La Universidad de Burgos this coming fall semester through Western Michigan University’s study abroad program in Burgos, Spain. She is majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Spanish, as well as pursuing a minor in General Business and Nonprofit Leadership. She is passionate about creating sustainable agricultural practices, preventing global climate change, and raising bee populations, as well as studying other cultures and languages. Maddie just completed her first year as a Resident Assistant through Western Michigan University, and in her free time has also been involved in organizations such as Cultural Technological Environmental Exchange (CTEE) fixing computer and shipping them to Cameroon, Africa, as well as FemiNOW, an on campus RSO which practices and educates others about intersectional feminism. Last summer, Maddie visited Cameroon with CTEE to help install a shipment of computers in educational institutions around the country. In addition to working with Green Michigan, Maddie has also begun work in transferring data through the Adecco corporate office. Following graduation in 2019, she plans to either pursue a Master’s degree, or volunteer through the Peace Corps.


Lydia Whitbeck – Intern for 2017

Lydia was born and raised in Michigan and will be starting her junior year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She is majoring in Environmental Science, and focusing her studies on energy systems science and sustainability. Along with her passion for the environment, she is passionate about other cultures and languages, which brings in her minor in Near Eastern Language and Culture. At Michigan, Lydia is involved in Central Student Government helping to create sustainability initiatives around campus, specifically focused on clean eating, recycling, and creating a more sustainable campus. She is also involved in Students Helping Honduras as their fundraising chair. Students Helping Honduras is an organization working to end gang violence and poverty through education in Honduran villages. When not studying, Lydia enjoys running, playing IM sports, or trying out new restaurants in Ann Arbor. In addition to working with Green Michigan, Lydia works as a research assistant in a geology lab at the University of Michigan mapping the chemical composition of apatite samples from deposits across the world. Following graduation in 2019, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree.