Help us open a Recycle, ReUse, Donation Center for You!!

We want to create a recycling/disassembly/donation center for the community and all organizations, to increase Michigan’s recycling, while creating a circular economy/Triple bottom line and providing employment opportunities for those in need.


    1. Create a center that can disassemble consumer goods to capture materials to be upcycled, or recycled. By creating this process we can give companies a process to capture their own materials to use back in their manufacturing processes.
    2. Create the center to capture materials  and give all non-profits access to this material for free to help their cause along with quality donated goods
    3. Creating an outlet for non-profits as a next step to train labor for quality job placement.
    4. Creating an option for all size organizations (including businesses, nonprofits, faith organizations, individuals, and educational institutions) to be able to recycle almost anything for zero to no more cost than they are spending today. All this and being completely transparent with all expenses and revenue of their materials. This does include picking up materials from organizations.
    5. Create an opportunity for places like Mel Trotter, Goodwill, and the Holland Rescue Mission among many others, to send people to be trained in a manufacturing setting to help them find better employment and make a living.
    6. By focusing on recycling we will distribute donations and electronics at zero cost to places like Comprenew, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and any other non-profits that need quality re-sellable donations. This will help further their missions.
  • Below Are a list of needs to help us get off the ground in 2017
    1. Location or donations to secure the location
    2. A Lift Truck/HiLo
    3. Two Balers for the recycling materials.
    4. Delivery Truck with lift gate.
    5. Pallet Jacks
    6. Large Scale to Weigh all materials for accurate reporting
    7. Computers and office printer
    8. Financial Donations

For the -entire business plan or more information E-mail or text to 616-638-0670

Recycle/Re-purpose With a Purpose


Recycle/Re-purpose with a Purpose

One of my favorite things to do is coach soccer to kids. I see this as a way to give back and  be a mentor for the next generation. I never thought this would expand outside my community, but this love has now reached all the way to another hemisphere and brought joy to many others.

I was talking with my great friend Denise Van Valkenburg  about a mission trip she was going on with a group called Paradise Bound . This group travels to Guatemala and helps in many ways, including building and helping the poor with medical needs. I was curious and asked if they play soccer in these villages you visit and found that yes, indeed they do.  If you have coached any youth sports you know that at the end of the season, you have an abundance of shirts, water bottles, and many other sporting items the kids leave behind and never reclaim. As we were talking, I realized I had a car full of soccer balls I have collected over the years and I asked if she could use any of these soccer balls for the trip? She said yes, as many as we could give.  I decided to reach out to the club I coach for, United Soccer Athletes .  I know the hearts of the management and knew they would love to help out  if they could.  Bruce Lane and the club responded more than I ever dreamed they would by donating many bags of soccer balls.

This was a hit with the groups in Guatemala. They played soccer with the mission groups with goals made out of bamboo,  dirt/concrete fields, and in jeans and sandals. The kids  were awesome at the game beating the missionaries most of the time.

This has made me realize we can always help someone else while we are working, busy with life or having fun by collecting pop cans, needed scrap materials, or some lost and found soccer balls.  By having conversations with people and organizations we all can help in ways we never thought possible.

A great way to recycle/re-purpose soccer balls and other materials while helping others.

When it comes to recycling, you have to play by the rules


When it comes to recycling, you have to play by the rules if you want to make an impact on our planet.
Many people do not realize that a substantial portion of what they are recycling is going into a landfill. This is not because recycling companies are corrupt, it’s because people don’t follow the rules.
I hear on a daily basis,
“I was not sure if it could be recycled, so I just threw it in!”
I cringe on the inside every time these words are spoken because those items are doomed for an eternity in America’s wasteland. You have to think of the recycling companies as a middleman, or a broker of trash.
They have to take these items and sell them to companies who will in turn create new goodies out of said trash. The recycling companies are not the ones recycling the trash; they are just the sorters and sellers.
There are two main reasons why your recyclables might end up in the trash. Be a “rock-star recycler” by following this advice:
Wasting water is a common worry for recyclers and rightfully so. Use the same water to clean all of your recyclables to save water. You can actually save the city and your recyclers money by cleaning your goods. And remember: they don’t need to be clean enough to eat out of, but they should be free of globs and such. Recycling companies can be paid more for items that are clean!
If your items have not been rinsed out or still have food remnants, they will likely be thrown away. In fact, contamination in the recycling business is a big problem. Some estimates put the costs of irresponsible contamination in the neighborhood of $700 million per year industry-wide.
Clean items are particularly important for paper and cardboard. Pizza boxes are one of the major culprits. If the cheese and grease is still on the box, it can mess up the entire recycling process. Oil and water do not mix, and recycling paper and cardboard is often a water-based operation. The oil on the items can jam systems or ruin entire batches of recycled paper, costing companies a lot of money.
Wrong Items.
The most common mistakes made involve plastic. Plastic is sorted based on number and many plastic containers are comprised of several numbers. A juice container, for example, may have a body that is a number one, a cap that is a number five (or is unnumbered) and a label that is a different number. In some areas, not all plastics numbered one through seven are accepted.
If you are not sure about an item, hold onto it and call the company to find out. Never assume or just cross your fingers and hope it will be recycled—take the time to research. All of the time you spent cleaning is wasted if you include items outside of what’s allowed. Those items are going in the trash and it’s a lose/lose for everyone.
As a general rule, unnumbered plastics cannot be recycled curbside, so anything without a number needs to be put aside. However, these items can be recycled! You just have to look outside of your curbside recycling program.
After reading this article, revisit your curbside rules. Review what your recycling company accepts and more importantly, what they don’t accept. The days of sneaking items into your bin are over!
Once you have mastered curbside recycling, it is time to start recycling outside of the bin.

Many other local businesses will accept the drop-off or mail-in of random items for a small fee or even free of charge. See our recycling tab for more information about these locations.
Whatever you do, do not get overwhelmed. Simply commit today that you are going to get informed, follow the rules and be a recycling superstar!

By  Angela Topp