Haiti Foundation Against Poverty Creating a Circular Economy/Triple Bottom Line

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Haiti Foundation Against Poverty has created the first true circular economy or true triple bottom line organization. My definition of a circular economy is helping a social need (people in need), economical need (the bottom line), and the environment all at the same time.  All three aspects actually feed off each other and help of each other for a sustainable model.

Haiti Foundation Against Poverty have really figured this out and implemented it well. They have partnered with a couple of local corporations and businesses and have asked them to help with expertise in recycling, and logistics. They have also asked for the corporations and businesses scrap fabric which is extremely hard to recycle in the USA.  By taking the scrap fabric from the USA to Haiti and adding the expertise from these organizations they have created quality products of bags, dolls, and other products.  These products are then shipped back the USA to be sold. Here is the link to the store.https://giftofhopehaiti.org/shop

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They also have a boutique in Midland MI and sell their products at the The Bridge in Holland MI.

Haiti Foundation Against Poverty is helping solve a large problem of how to deal with waste materials while helping the poorest people. They are a true shining light of what can be accomplished.

I would Encourage you to look into this organization and its great products.

Below is a Diagram showing how this can help every company and non-profit.



Here is a video more about the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty

Green Michigan Founders Win Local Hero Award



GreenMichigan.org is pleased to announce that our two founders Dan Broersma & Ken Freestone were recently awarded the Local First Local Hero Award.

Local First is a non profit community organization that fosters the development of a sustainable local living economy in West Michigan. This award is presented to an individual or family that has demonstrated a shift toward local purchasing and sustainable living and in their habits and practices, have truly lived local first.

Both Dan and Ken have made notable contributions to the West Michigan community – Dan has brought together environmentally conscious organizations to create a collaborative community of practice and Ken has initiated entrepreneurial endeavors that include incubating businesses, supporting arts education, and organizing philanthropic opportunities that meet the needs of his community.

The two have joined together to create Green Michigan.org – a website designed to curate everything a person might desire to know about being a conscious consumer, how to live more efficiently and sustainably

 Link to Local First a great Organization ; http://www.localfirst.com/

Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance

MTGA is a non-profit organization that shall foster and facilitate the creation of an interconnected statewide system of trails and greenways for recreation, health, transportation, economic development and environmental/cultural preservation purposes.


Local Church Creates Community Nature Preserve and Trail System – Holland MI


Ridgepoint Church with the  help from multiple governmental and private organizations turned  a 165 acres into a preserve  and community trail system. Providing enjoyment for the community while preserving it for future generations

Click the link directly below to read the story about how and why a faith based organization created  a community based preserve and trail system. This is one awesome example of sustainable land use for the community.


The trail system is used by most of the area high schools (Zeeeland)  along with Hope College as their home cross country course along with walking trails  for the entire community. This is a great example of what can be done by religious, non-profits, schools, and businesses with their property  for the community.

Trail Map: Green Team Map100908-k

Green-Team-Map100908-k-page1 Green-Team-Map100908-k-page2


Address: Ridge Point Community Church, 340  104th Ave, Holland, MI 49423

Phone(616) 395-2600


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