Community Campaign


We are looking to Raise $25,000 by the end of July to start a nonprofit recycling center in West Michigan. Not just any recycling center but one that will recycle hard to recycle items like mattresses. Our recycling rate is projected over 90% on materials collected and we will help employ people with barriers to quality jobs.  All donations are tax deductable. We would love your support.

While any donation is welcome and appreciated, here are some incentives we are offering

$35 – t-shirt

$50 –  t-shirt and one free month of drop off recycling

$75 – Recycle a mattress free of charge

$100 – Recycle a mattress free of charge, one t-shirt and one-month free drop off recycling

$250 – 1 Recycling Consultation and Audit for your business or organization and one free recycling pickup

$500 – A workshop of your choice with your team. Recycling consultation and one free recycling pickup

$1000 – A workshop of your choice, recycling consultation and 3 months of free recycling pickups


  • Our Recycling Center will help nonprofits, organizations and the community recycle more and divert waste otherwise bound for the landfill.
  • We will help employ people with barriers to good paying jobs and we will be self-sufficient in 3 years.
  • The materials we collect will be recycled, upcycled, repurposed and reused to ensure as much is kept out of the landfill as possible.
  • Local nonprofits and businesses are encouraged to partner with us to reuse and recycle the materials we collect.
  • We will service all interested parties from the individual or household to the large corporation and everyone in between.
  • Our fees will be less than landfill rates and we will be unprecedented with complete transparency on profits and expenses.
  • We will partner with other recycling innovators to ensure we can accommodate all of your waste needs.


In addition to monetary donations, we are in search of the following.

  1. Location or donations to secure the location
  2. A Lift Truck/HiLo
  3. Two Balers for the recycling materials.
  4. Delivery Truck with lift gate.
  5. Pallet Jacks
  6. Large Scale to Weigh all materials for accurate reporting
  7. Computers and office printer
  8. Financial Donations

All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

For the -entire business plan or more information
E-mail or text to 616-638-0670